Versality & expertise

Schrammen Architekten BDA has established a reputation for the individual planning and realisation of construction projects. Our clients are not looking for off-the-shelf solutions; they want their personal ideas and the specific purpose of their buildings to be the focus. Since its foundation, our firm has developed a broad repertoire of social building projects. Caritas, Diakonie and the Hephata Protestant Foundation remain key clients to this day. Clients have chosen us over prestigious competitors for school and nursery school construction projects. As well as private homes and apartment houses, our agency designs office buildings, service facilities and factories. We also have wide-ranging experience in the revitalisation of commercial space. We have particular expertise in urban planning, special-purpose buildings such as sport, leisure and cultural facilities, and the preservation of historical monuments

An overview of the core areas of expertise of Schrammen Architekten BDA:

  • offices and business spaces
  • commercial and industrial buildings
  • commercial area revitalisation
  • homes
  • assisted living
  • special-purpose buildings for sport, leisure, culture, education and healthcare
  • preservation of historical and cultural monuments
  • urban planning and renovations, urban quarter development

Other services:

  • General planning
  • project development and coordination
  • landscaping
  • outdoor installations
  • interior design

A note on sustainable building:
Since its foundation, our firm has been committed to sustainable building practices. From the start, we have applied these practices in our designs, our choice of materials, and our general philosophy. Over the years we have broadened our commitment to include energy efficiency and climate protection. We now hold international green building technology accreditations such as LEED (USA), Green Star (Australia) and BREEAM (UK) and have been certified by the German Sustainable Building Council. We also have practical experience of building certified passive houses.